Season 1

1x79 "Pilot"

1x01 "Deep Throat"

1x02 "Squeeze"

1x03 "Conduit"

1x04 "Jersey Devil"

1x05 "Shadows"

1x06 "Ghost in the Machine"

1x07 "Ice"

1x08 "Space"

1x09 "Fallen Angel"

1x10 "Eve"

1x11 "Fire"

1x12 "Beyond the Sea"

1x13 "Gender Bender"

1x14 "Lazarus"

1x15 "Young at Heart"

1x16 "E.B.E."

1x17 "Miracle Man"

1x18 "Shapes"

1x19 "Darkness Falls"

1x20 "Tooms"

1x21 "Born Again"

1x22 "Roland"

1x23 "The Erlenmeyer Flask"

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