Season 2

Locations for which photos are available at are marked with an asterisk (*).

2x01 "Little Green Men"

2x02 "The Host"

2x03 "Blood"

2x04 "Sleepless"

2x05 "Duane Barry"

2x06 "Ascension"

2x07 "3"

2x08 "One Breath"

2x09 "Firewalker"

2x10 "Red Museum"

2x11 "Excelsis Dei"

2x12 "Aubrey"

2x13 "Irresistible"

2x14 "Die Hand Die Verletzt"

2x15 "Fresh Bones"

2x16 "Colony"

2x17 "End Game"

2x18 "Fearful Symmetry"

2x19 "Dod Kalm"

2x20 "Humbug"

2x21 "The Calusari"

2x22 "F. Emasculata"

2x23 "Soft Light"

2x24 "Our Town"

2x25 "Anasazi"

Photos marked with an asterisk (*) are from (now available only through the Wayback Machine).